Sunday, March 26, 2006

Does everybody really hate the Germans?

According to AA Gill, deep down we all do. At least this is what he wrote in his book “AA Gill is away.” While I am reluctant to agree with him, I am German after all, I do have to admit he has a point. While Germany is praised in some aspects, such as innovation and efficiency, friendliness is one not often mentioned. This is why Germany has started a campaign to make the country a little friendlier with the advent of the World Cup. Essentially they mean that anyone involved in the tourism industry will be given training in some form or another with regards to how to behave in a more friendly manner during the World Cup. While I do agree that it wouldn’t harm Germany to acquire better customer skills, I don’t believe that teaching Bavarians Japanese will make them friendlier.I do believe, however, that every country has its strengths and weaknesses. Friendliness or customer service might not be Germany’s forte but this is made up for in other areas. After all, nobody really expects Germany to change into a country fit to compete with America on a hospitality basis in a few months. Every region has a certain way of doing things and through that a certain a charm. Instead of trying to change Germans into something they are not, perhaps they should concentrate on promoting their positive character traits . Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Germany is unfriendly as such but I don’t believe hospitality is their strongest point. What most people do expect to find is something unique and authentic and that is what Germany has to offer. After all what better place can there be to enjoy football while drinking some of the best beer in the world and enjoying some of the finest sausages….So tell me how can anybody still hate a country that offers all that?


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